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Air Jordan Jordan 13 1998-99 season, the 5 color for AJ 13. At the beginning of the White / Black / red / White / red or gray pearl color / black color is Jordan in the Chicago United Center home court selected equipment and the black / red color models. It is Jordan according to the provisions of the Union in guest field selection the shoes. To commemorate his alma mater, North Carolina college, North Carolina / Blue / blue Grey / white color style won the market reaction is good. But during the playoffs last 1998, a black / red color of the campus AJ 13 release. This shoe once again proves that Jordan is the best advertising, it is difficult to have a brand publicity effect can be like Jordan Air Jordan excellent brand. 13 first came out, Jordan himself and several Chicago was one of the few who wear it. However, after a few years, a lot of Jordan brand camp star wore a replica of the AJ 13 in 2004.

There is a "grey toe" color of the AJ 13 is particularly striking because it is the year the issue of a sample. In addition to a "green sea" version of the AJ 13 also attracted the attention of many people, why is this shoe issue rarely, but has been widely discussed. As everyone knows, Nike Air Jordan XIII design inspiration from the cheetah, this should be a compliment to Michael Jordan on the pitch is as fast as the cheetah, but also put the old design ideas, so as to try a rather unique design concept to update people's aesthetic conception, design held in Nike Air Jordan XIII, we can see the dynamic body of the shoe, like a cheetah paws and a sole, three-dimensional laser with different perspectives and changing patterns of sign, although the design style of these unique design elements together Nike Air Jordan XIII presents a simple but still belongs to the class. Have to admit, so can be the perfect design concept, and to a finishing touch pen to increase the appeal of the works. It is worthy of the classic immortal Sneaker culture. Of course, part of a perfect design is just Nike Air Jordan XIII is shown as a matter of fact,

Nike Air Jordan XIII also has a fully convincing performance in the practical aspects, according to the design of the cheetah foot outsole can provide stronger grip as the shoe itself, and the classic application technology Zoom Air slow earthquakes can provide reactive shock the most perfect and most sensitive for the shoes with leather and nylon fabric, which can serve to reduce the weight of shoe uppers and provide stronger toughness, plus carbon fiber board provided by the support and stability, all through the Nike Air Jordan XIII are very difficult not to be the perfect performance of its own and deeply impressed. In the strict sense, in After the Nike Jordan 30, what we see is the birth of another great brand, it is from the Nike Air Jordan XIII as a start, Air Jordan series began in their own product design in the use of more and more bold design fresh and unique design elements: because grip the Panther's foot for the design concept, the introduction of Nike also mentioned this is a kind of bionics, and contains the human body mechanics principle, the force balance pace.

Coupled with the use of Nike has always been a hard rubber outsole, the soles are herringbone notches, the concrete grip as expected yes, but in the energy field is impeccable, but rather to "shout". Comfort: because the ankle with the instep of fine wool itself has very good comfort, but also insole Very comfortable, so the whole AJ13 comfort is also good! But there is not popular in nowadays shoe design, so the part will be very near the toe to toe in the emergency stop action, so sometimes play will not feel so comfortable, and foot wide wear will have the above situation. There is the last would be a little narrow oppression to my little finger, in the end or not in boots too. There is also a tie when I have problems, I think the tongue under the breathable mesh, material seems to be too rigid, and is not obedient. When I was in the tie. It will make some gap between each hole lace holes two columns, Genjiao The back doesn't fit perfectly, but affects comfort, and protects the effectiveness of actual combat.

AIR JORDAN I In 1984, after winning a national title at the University of North Carolina and a Gold Medal at the Olympic games in Los Angeles, Michael Jordan was selected 3rd overall by the Chicago Bulls in the NBA Draft. That year Nike also signed Michael to a five-year endorsement contract worth a reported $2.5 million (plus royalties). There was initially some skepticism over the hefty contract being given to an unproven marketing commodity, but MJ was quick to prove the critics wrong. In 1985, Nike gave Jordan and his signature line of sneakers and apparel a unique logo - clearly, this line was created to be very different from Nike's previous basketball efforts. Designer Peter Moore was given the task of coming up with the first Air Jordan shoe. The Air Jordan 1 featured the Nike Swoosh on the mid panel and a newly designed wings logo on the upper ankle. The first Air Jordan was similar in design to other popular Nike models released in the 1980s such as the Air Force 1, Terminator and Dunk. The Air Jordan I featured a Nike Air unit for heel cushioning, padded foam ankle collars for additional protection and a toe overlay for added lockdown. Although the AJ 1 lacked technology, the colors and cultural significance set the sneaker industry on its ear. The Air Jordan 1 paved the way for colorful basketball sneakers. It transformed the way people looked at athletic shoes. During the 1985 NBA season, Michael wore the Air Jordan 1, which retailed for $65 - at the time, the most expensive basketball shoe on the market. The AJ I Black/Red colorway was banned by the NBA because of rules regarding shoe colors; Jordan was fined $5,000 for every game he wore them (Nike gladly footed the bill, as the fines created even more buzz around the Air Jordan 1). MJ's rookie campaign resulted in an All-Star appearance, Rookie of the Year honors and leading the Bulls to the playoffs after a four-year absence. Michael wore the Air Jordan I Red/White/Black as he scored 63 points against the Boston Celtics in the 1986 playoffs. Although the Bulls ended up losing to the Larry Bird-led Celtics, Michael showed that he was one of the bright young stars in the NBA.

Reaction: AJ13 like AJ12 also uses ZOOM AIR and AJ12, but the difference is that AJ13 is used before and after the sole split zoom air cushion. The sole for before and after the split zoom air cushion should do not need to say any more, but also the actual benefit of friends like carbon fiber sheet stability still, and 3/4 long. This design is in the light before I play in the side run warm-up has let me smile from ear to ear, NIKE will be the two in a pair of shoes, like the Ferrari sports car cornering general sharp! But I think the other part is said this pair of AJ13 retro insoles (I do not know the original is in the same material), I went to check, as is called EVA (? In addition to comfort?), high reactivity is first-rate! This is probably my date through the performance and the fact that the best time to wear the shoe! Do not feel that kind of shock too soft and sinking feeling was also not too hard, the elastic just about right. And very "smart" feedback force down after the reaction, almost no hysteresis, and is very comfortable to return back, in addition to more mature ZOOM AIR, the performance of the AJ13 classic. The durability:

Actually I didn't spend enough time to test the durability of AJ13. But the material AJ13 is very suitable for durable uppers, in actual combat, many times, after numerous substantial change to stop after the upper no deformation and wear obviously, but the ugly break is inevitable AJ13, and love the dead fold, so before the combat is to pay attention to whether or not you are willing to. As to the outer bottom is feeling with the shoe sole abrasion resistance is almost Nike, of course, with the legendary Adidas wear resistance than it is only ordinary, just back foot laser circular transparent Totem, is certain is to wear, so we should pay special attention to actual combat. Weight: basically I personally feel that if compared with the general lightweight defender shoes, AJ13 is heavier. But this is not heavy, but give a person a kind of real feeling and texture, so does not make people can not accept is the same. Size AJ13 and some small forward shoes was relatively light a lot